Thursday, February 5, 2009


My names Tim and I'm the captain of team blowing it. As far as writing blogs at least. So let's take a second to address a few things right quick.
1. Respect- open and really fun but still not finished to our standards. Expect a triple kink that should be in by this afternoon, next to the S-Box. The wall ride will be on top of the hip in the upper section. We still need to put in the new gong. Move the start mound a little higher for the triple jump line by the shack. Andy and Jonny are going to re do the landings on the triple jump line as well and get it perfect early next week.

2. It's Feb and the park is just barely getting done? Well I'm not one for excuses but mother nature hasn't exactly cooperated. It didn't really start snowing until Christmas... and then, for a while, it was too warm to blow snow. i hate to be the bearer of bad news boys and girls but blowing snow for the park can't happen until most of the other trails are open, hence the late start.

3. Painted Horse- Gonna get revamped over the weekend. Saturday night is the plan. Jumps will be rebuilt. We're talking about moving the two hips further down hill allowing for some extra time to set up coming off the fourth booter. Rearrange the top boxes to spice it up. So come check it Sunday and let us know what you think.
Here's a couple pics from two days ago as we were working on respect:
Building the upper step down.
Our friend Ben tearing apart what was a 60ft step down, we had to tone it down a little before opening it to the public today, I'll get the official measurements when i work tomorrow.
Installing the shark box, our Cat drivers kill it! Poor guys are being worked to death right now.
Hope this answers some of the questions. This blog will go back to being updated a few times a week now that I'm back in town. Go Shred! -Tim

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