Wednesday, February 25, 2009

R-E-S-P-E-C-T=pics that are LONG over due...

Sorry y'all been a busy week, had some more contests go down, epic pow, busy weekend (man my back is killing me). Ok ok who wants to see some pics of the BIG park. It's funny I refer to painted horse as our little park, kids are getting wicked in there. But when we talk about upper and lower respect, well put it this way. It's where all our local pros ride. So here's a couple pics I snapped last weekend as we were shutting down of some of the new features. This first one was sent to me by my friend Andy one of our two main cat drivers for the park.
He's from Maine:
Andy getting wicked sick on the new tree chip/bonk in upper respect

wild mushrooms
after the mushroom drop into this...

Corrugated pipe and tree chip
after about 25 other features and jumps you'll find yourself riding up to this little upper lower respect. TRIPLE KINK!
Hope you liked em, pray for snow if you like pow, pray for sun if you want more pics when I work this weekend! -Tim

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