Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Even though I'm always in painted horse on the weekend I gave my radio and my rake to this 6 year old and told him to call at the first sign of trouble. Why you ask??? So I could sneak over to check out the Celtek slug magazine beat the pro comp that was going down in upper respect! Grabbed me a red bull, snapped a couple pics, got yelled at by Duke (not really he loves when I snap pics and write blogs) and I was out. In the 5 mins I spent there I witnessed some pretty crazy stuff, spins slides consumption of red bull and other things like juice and soda. Awesome event and a great turn out. But like I said I was off in a flash back to the small jumps in painted! Uhhhh son. Man I love J.P. and his cool sayings.
check the pics-
Peanut Gallery

Andy and Johnny got to tear down a jump and build this in ONE night. I could say it a thousand times and it still wouldn't be enough, we have the BEST cat drivers.

hmm don't really know what else to say, but its almost 1am and I gotta be up at 9 to shred with the homies! More pics to Come!

Painted pics update...that's already out dated?

So I took a few days off and next thing I hear is man they changed the C and they added this and that askfdakjsd. I can't keep up. Here's what painted horse was like last Saturday. I'll give you another update after tomorrow or when I'm working on Friday.
My buddy Eric holding my hand and pointing out how bad I am at nose pressing...

C-box is back in after the hips, we added a straight box after the C on Sunday but I hear it may be a C-down again? I'll confirm tomorrow...
Who likes stories?-So Friday night we're dead tired from pulling boxes for the slug contest on Saturday. Steve cracks the whip and next thing I know Jerry and I are digging out this flat rail and putting it in, good thing bc this girl was getting RADICAL on it the next day!
cool. -Tim

R-E-S-P-E-C-T=pics that are LONG over due...

Sorry y'all been a busy week, had some more contests go down, epic pow, busy weekend (man my back is killing me). Ok ok who wants to see some pics of the BIG park. It's funny I refer to painted horse as our little park, kids are getting wicked in there. But when we talk about upper and lower respect, well put it this way. It's where all our local pros ride. So here's a couple pics I snapped last weekend as we were shutting down of some of the new features. This first one was sent to me by my friend Andy one of our two main cat drivers for the park.
He's from Maine:
Andy getting wicked sick on the new tree chip/bonk in upper respect

wild mushrooms
after the mushroom drop into this...

Corrugated pipe and tree chip
after about 25 other features and jumps you'll find yourself riding up to this little upper lower respect. TRIPLE KINK!
Hope you liked em, pray for snow if you like pow, pray for sun if you want more pics when I work this weekend! -Tim

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Painted Horse Pics and Updates!

Sun was out for a bit this morning and I ran into my friends E-long and Parker as we were finishing up our morning raking, making the park all perfect and what not. "Hey you fella's wanna take some pics for the blog?" I said. "Dude I'll blast off that hip if you want, just see what happens" said Parker. I knew the rails and boxes were about to get some serious slide-age. I also expected Parker to blast off the hip and catch about 3 ft of tranny after he goes way to huge. Something we call camera courage. E long is in the blue coat and Parker is in white. I'm in all black bc we're ninja's in the park. Park ninjas.
Well I'll stop rambling and upload these pics now. Enjoy!

Parker Front side through the roller coaster.
E long 180 switch nose press on the dance floor
Parker front side through the kink box
Eric switch nose press on the flat box.

Parker BOOSTING the hip. Proving me wrong yet again and catching about 2 ft of tranny.
Parker and I practicing hand plants
Get creative.

Tombstone session, now located on the right side of the run after the hips.
6 in down bar, great for learning new tricks before you take it to Respect.

C to Down, still so fun!

This is a group of kids that rolled up right as we were finishing our morning rake. These kids are rad and wouldn't leave until we finished raking the C to down. It's who we build the park for and we're pumped to see kids up super early who are STOKED.
Tomorrow is a Powder day, and a Saturday. Which means we'll be shoveling out features all day and raking for those die hard park riders. Oh ya almost forgot, while I was patrolling painted horse and taking photos with my friends the rest of the crew was in respect putting in a triple kink. Aye-Ca-Rumba. Hope to see you soon! -Tim

Monday, February 9, 2009

Painted Horse Progression Park update!

Now that Upper and Lower Respect are just about to where we want them.(minus a few more little surprises) It was time to head back to Painted Horse, our progression park located off the saddle back express lift.

With our cat supervisor Andy at home on anti biotics it was up to Jonny, Mary-ellen and Zack to revamp the top of painted horse. Zack and M.E. came up with the idea of connecting the roller coaster box to a flat box. SO fun! One of the most fun/creative/challenging/radical boxes I've ever hit. After the USASA slope style was over, just in time for some thick clouds to move in providing awesome Flat light and a little thing I like to call boarding by Braille, we got our session on...
Check the pics and let us know what you think of the new set up! boooooyyaaah!
First the progressive box line located on skiers right in order as they appear.
Nikko Dennis getting wicked on the roller coaster to flat:
The Canyons snowboard instructor Cassie Meryhew getting gnarly on the Down Flat Down on her day off:
After the kink is the "volcano" also known as the "M Box." Nikko getting rad.
Once you finish sliding the Volcano you'll head into a 4 jump line followed by two hips on either side of the run. After you'll find on your left a "tombstone" feature shown here:

It stands about 7 ft tall and on your right you'll find a "mushroom Bonk" on a bank. Also a good place to practice wicked sweet hand plants:
Followed by a 6in down rail, Travis backside 50/50:

Of course at the end is the C to down. Another creative Lego style box creation for your sliding pleasure. Cassie getting through the C:

Left side up top includes the "dance floor" followed by a 20ft flat box which will lead into a 16ft down box with a buried barrel between the box and the take off. More pics to come as well as more changes.
Dance Floor:

Followed by flat box on the left side of upper painted horse.

As always we wanna know what you think!


USASA slopestyle yesterday

Sunday Sunday Sunday! The weather held off till the afternoon and with the hard work of Zach, Mary-ellen and Jonny last night the top half of painted horse was completely re-done. The left side is now a Beginner style box line. The right side is also a box line but more progressive than the traditional style boxes.

New features mean more raking at least for the first couple days. We stayed on top of it and the competition went extremely smooth. The peeps from USASA run a tight ship and fired through the field of competitors. The open classes for men and women displayed some real talent, 720's on the fourth table and some crazy switch ups on the new box line were seen throughout the day. For a complete list of events check out

Axis Free ride ski comp this past friday.

We rolled into the park 8am powder shovels in hand. By 930 we were still shoveling out jumps boxes and rails. That sexy lady mother nature had dumped 8 inches of fluffy Utah powder. Not that this is anything new. When we need snow I say we just schedule a competition. By ten o clock I didn't know if I was at The Canyons or Alta. 30+ skiers, maybe more were tearing painted horse apart. I love when the peeps from Axis Free Ride come shred. These guys run an incredible program and the talent of some of these young athletes is amazing.

Like I said the conditions were far from great for a park day. 9990 was calling my name, maybe I could fake sick, clock out change and get my pow on? Ya right we work for the Duke. We barely had to maintain, the lips were solid thanks to great grooming the night before. In between rounds they'd send everyone down to side slip the course in an effort to keep speed between features. I hope we can see this crew back next year. Check em out at


Thursday, February 5, 2009


My names Tim and I'm the captain of team blowing it. As far as writing blogs at least. So let's take a second to address a few things right quick.
1. Respect- open and really fun but still not finished to our standards. Expect a triple kink that should be in by this afternoon, next to the S-Box. The wall ride will be on top of the hip in the upper section. We still need to put in the new gong. Move the start mound a little higher for the triple jump line by the shack. Andy and Jonny are going to re do the landings on the triple jump line as well and get it perfect early next week.

2. It's Feb and the park is just barely getting done? Well I'm not one for excuses but mother nature hasn't exactly cooperated. It didn't really start snowing until Christmas... and then, for a while, it was too warm to blow snow. i hate to be the bearer of bad news boys and girls but blowing snow for the park can't happen until most of the other trails are open, hence the late start.

3. Painted Horse- Gonna get revamped over the weekend. Saturday night is the plan. Jumps will be rebuilt. We're talking about moving the two hips further down hill allowing for some extra time to set up coming off the fourth booter. Rearrange the top boxes to spice it up. So come check it Sunday and let us know what you think.
Here's a couple pics from two days ago as we were working on respect:
Building the upper step down.
Our friend Ben tearing apart what was a 60ft step down, we had to tone it down a little before opening it to the public today, I'll get the official measurements when i work tomorrow.
Installing the shark box, our Cat drivers kill it! Poor guys are being worked to death right now.
Hope this answers some of the questions. This blog will go back to being updated a few times a week now that I'm back in town. Go Shred! -Tim