Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Features for 2008-09

KAB rails is working hard on all of our new features. Check it out. The corrugated pipe is 6' feet tall, the wall features has rails on each side and stands 8' tall and the rails are made with this new type of metal pipe that is oval. I can't wait to set these features up to get our jib on!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Opening Date

We're scheduled to open Nov 27, if mother nature will allow. And yes, the park crew is planning on having some jibs up and ready to slide. The amount of features will be dependant on the amount of snow we have on opening day. So, all you jibbers out there keep praying, sacrificing, or do what ever you do to let the snow gods know "we are ready for some fun". Can't wait to see the tricks you've dream about all summer go down in the park this year. See you soon!
And remember high fives are free!

Working Hard

We moved the Dj hut this summer. Its new and improved with a deck and slid-able log railing. Now you can get your jib on right in front of your favorite digger crew.