Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boxzilla Dec 20th

Hey guys! 
Hennie van Jaarsveld here and just got done chopping up a quick video of the day up at The Canyons. The park crew put down an awesome set of boxes that was going by the name of Boxzilla, the thing was a beast! All told it measured in at 196' and was being tested by potential slayers throughout the whole day. Peep the video of Witt Foster, Sam Webb, Brady Perron and Erica Durtschi getting down with the features.

Canyons Dec 20th ... BOXZILLA ! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Smells Like Fun

Check out this video posted on the Snowboard Mag website. It has lots of footage from The Canyons as well as having Canyons team riders.

We are in painted Horse!

Thank you for your patients. We now have enough terrain open around the mountain to move the park into Painted Horse. We are adding new features every night and expect to have at least two jumps and 11 rail features by the weekend. After painted we will move into respect and start making snow for features. I'll keep you posted on our progress. In the mean time come to painted and get your jump on. Also don't forget about Boxzilla this weekend. Its going to be 196' of fun box fun!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Captain's Blog... (From Crossroad Studios) snow in Utah was getting lame, so MN (Mother Nature) decided to bless us with some love, but before that happened, the Canyons Resort has been working hard with their limited resources to provide the best possible park, despite their lack of snow. This weekend's storm has allowed them to do a lot more, but this was before they had any additional terrain open. Pretty pumped to go out and shoot with some of the local kids. Still no skiers that have approached me and want to hike and get shots, so until that happens, looks like it's going to be a terrain park blog loaded with snowboard shots (and yes, that's a challenge to all you skier kids that totally slay it. I know you're out there)? These are the newest features in the terrain park, and we had a lot of fun getting some afternoon shots, and stoked that mini Milo shred Jonas was able to come out and kill it for a few shots. Snagged an edge on his frontside 270 and slammed pretty hard, unstrapped, jumped up, and ran back up the hill for a second run, and stuck a f/s 270 on, 270 out. Straight slaying it, son. Stoked on Simon and E-Long for sacrificing their bodies as well. Get pumped for new features this weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Anyone looking for new gear this year, come to demo day on Saturday at Red Pine Lodge. Check out the latest technologies and designs from companies such as Burton, K2, Forum and more...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Progression Despite Circumstances

New features dot the barren landscape of the Utah Shred scene, and although much needed snowfall has since accumulated, Friday's session was meager at best with regard to snow conditions. The Canyons Terrain Park crew has been absolutely slaying it and keeping things fresh. With some luck this snowstorm will give us enough fresh that they can push up a jump or two to add to their arsenal of features, but one way or the other, get stoked on the crazy stuff Steve and the guys are coming up with over on the North Side of town. New features include a corrugated pipe, double dance floor to 6" round pipe, single pipe down rail, double-pipe d-f-d, and a second dancefloor flat box. Peep the pics and get stoked on the season.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Crossroad Studios: Smells Like the Season...

Friday, November 27th marked the opening day of the shred season for me, and I'm stoked beyond belief. School keeps me pretty busy until the end of the semester, so right out of the gates I don't usually get to shred that much until about the Christmas break time, but this season I was lucky enough to connect earlier in the fall with Tim Semple, one of the guys calling the shots at the Canyons Resort terrain park. He and Steve Duke decided it'd be cool for me to come up and shoot the opening day antics. They had a pretty legit setup, especially considering the fact that they had extremely limited real estate open to the public. Three boxes, a pole jam style single pipe, and a mini-ramp quarter pipe stall made for some pretty sick riding, and some next level tricks too. I was stoked to bump into Eric Long (E-Long), one of the Revolution Factory Am kids who I met in the spring, and we were able to get a couple shots. Thanks again to the marketing peeps over at the Canyons for getting me involved. Enjoy the shots. Others will more than likely make their way over to the Canyons Resort website, so stay tuned for updates.

Opening weekend

Opening weekend was sunny and went off without a hitch. The Canyons has been working hard to blow snow, and thanks to Steve Duke, Andy Marston and the Canyons Park Crew for getting fun jibs set up.

Group shot: (left to right) Jason Hindman, Autumn Christensen, Jodie Stackhouse, Shaw Irwin & Jeremy Thornburg.
Photo: Tom Flocco

The Canyons team rider Jason Hindman killin' it with a 50 50 nollie shifty backside 180.
Photo: Tom Flocco

Now, just waiting for the storms to hit so we can ride some pow! And, as we get more snow, also expect more creative jibs from the park crew.

Also, check out the opening day post on Snowboard Mag:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Canyons Super Session in Snowboarder Mag

Check out The Canyons Super Session in December's issue of Snowboarder Mag! Last March's photo shoot went off with the Nitro team on hand throwing down, as well as some local Canyons' riders like Jonathan Cheever and Ben Millsaps. for more info!

Pick up the magazine for the full article and be sure to check out this link from the shoot:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Walk the plank

Andy stoked to have completed "The Plank". The Plank measures 20' long with an 18' drop off the end. Just one of the many new features you'll see in the Respect terrain park.

Road Gap Construction

John Hall in the middle of the road gap construction. This gap measures 45' and will have a log pole jam option next to the take off.


When we left the park on Tuesday we didn't expect to come back to a foot of snow in the park. Its a good thing we finished painting all of the features. We should have brought our boards to do some testing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're back at it!

Hey guys,
Sunday night the whole crew assembled for our annual feature planning meeting and the ideas flowed out just as fast as the beverages were gong in. Just let me say, what we came up with is sick. The steel line up has a couple of new solid additions. Our box line up will be even funner. (and yes funner IS a word) I'm so stoked for this up coming season. The Canyons is going to be mega fun! Check back for more updates on our feature building progress.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Features for 09/10: Road Gap & New Trail

Got on the hill with Steve Duke and Zach yesterday...Oh my, you guys and girls have no idea what you're getting yourselves into. Road gap off Sun Peak? Two 70ft long tree jibs? If our park doesn't TRIPLE in size this season it'll at least DOUBLE! Check out some pics of the proposed road gap and the new trail we're adding in the park!