Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Captain's Blog... (From Crossroad Studios) snow in Utah was getting lame, so MN (Mother Nature) decided to bless us with some love, but before that happened, the Canyons Resort has been working hard with their limited resources to provide the best possible park, despite their lack of snow. This weekend's storm has allowed them to do a lot more, but this was before they had any additional terrain open. Pretty pumped to go out and shoot with some of the local kids. Still no skiers that have approached me and want to hike and get shots, so until that happens, looks like it's going to be a terrain park blog loaded with snowboard shots (and yes, that's a challenge to all you skier kids that totally slay it. I know you're out there)? These are the newest features in the terrain park, and we had a lot of fun getting some afternoon shots, and stoked that mini Milo shred Jonas was able to come out and kill it for a few shots. Snagged an edge on his frontside 270 and slammed pretty hard, unstrapped, jumped up, and ran back up the hill for a second run, and stuck a f/s 270 on, 270 out. Straight slaying it, son. Stoked on Simon and E-Long for sacrificing their bodies as well. Get pumped for new features this weekend!

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TJ said...

ahhh that's my dawg Hercules on the corrugated pipe!!! Dude is like a big-ass ninja gorilla on a snowboard.