Monday, November 30, 2009

Opening weekend

Opening weekend was sunny and went off without a hitch. The Canyons has been working hard to blow snow, and thanks to Steve Duke, Andy Marston and the Canyons Park Crew for getting fun jibs set up.

Group shot: (left to right) Jason Hindman, Autumn Christensen, Jodie Stackhouse, Shaw Irwin & Jeremy Thornburg.
Photo: Tom Flocco

The Canyons team rider Jason Hindman killin' it with a 50 50 nollie shifty backside 180.
Photo: Tom Flocco

Now, just waiting for the storms to hit so we can ride some pow! And, as we get more snow, also expect more creative jibs from the park crew.

Also, check out the opening day post on Snowboard Mag:

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