Monday, November 30, 2009

Crossroad Studios: Smells Like the Season...

Friday, November 27th marked the opening day of the shred season for me, and I'm stoked beyond belief. School keeps me pretty busy until the end of the semester, so right out of the gates I don't usually get to shred that much until about the Christmas break time, but this season I was lucky enough to connect earlier in the fall with Tim Semple, one of the guys calling the shots at the Canyons Resort terrain park. He and Steve Duke decided it'd be cool for me to come up and shoot the opening day antics. They had a pretty legit setup, especially considering the fact that they had extremely limited real estate open to the public. Three boxes, a pole jam style single pipe, and a mini-ramp quarter pipe stall made for some pretty sick riding, and some next level tricks too. I was stoked to bump into Eric Long (E-Long), one of the Revolution Factory Am kids who I met in the spring, and we were able to get a couple shots. Thanks again to the marketing peeps over at the Canyons for getting me involved. Enjoy the shots. Others will more than likely make their way over to the Canyons Resort website, so stay tuned for updates.

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