Monday, February 9, 2009

Painted Horse Progression Park update!

Now that Upper and Lower Respect are just about to where we want them.(minus a few more little surprises) It was time to head back to Painted Horse, our progression park located off the saddle back express lift.

With our cat supervisor Andy at home on anti biotics it was up to Jonny, Mary-ellen and Zack to revamp the top of painted horse. Zack and M.E. came up with the idea of connecting the roller coaster box to a flat box. SO fun! One of the most fun/creative/challenging/radical boxes I've ever hit. After the USASA slope style was over, just in time for some thick clouds to move in providing awesome Flat light and a little thing I like to call boarding by Braille, we got our session on...
Check the pics and let us know what you think of the new set up! boooooyyaaah!
First the progressive box line located on skiers right in order as they appear.
Nikko Dennis getting wicked on the roller coaster to flat:
The Canyons snowboard instructor Cassie Meryhew getting gnarly on the Down Flat Down on her day off:
After the kink is the "volcano" also known as the "M Box." Nikko getting rad.
Once you finish sliding the Volcano you'll head into a 4 jump line followed by two hips on either side of the run. After you'll find on your left a "tombstone" feature shown here:

It stands about 7 ft tall and on your right you'll find a "mushroom Bonk" on a bank. Also a good place to practice wicked sweet hand plants:
Followed by a 6in down rail, Travis backside 50/50:

Of course at the end is the C to down. Another creative Lego style box creation for your sliding pleasure. Cassie getting through the C:

Left side up top includes the "dance floor" followed by a 20ft flat box which will lead into a 16ft down box with a buried barrel between the box and the take off. More pics to come as well as more changes.
Dance Floor:

Followed by flat box on the left side of upper painted horse.

As always we wanna know what you think!



Marston said...

I just want to say that you guys KILLED IT! I was blown away when I got back to work last night. I already let John know how pleased I was with the work you guys did while I was out of commission. Now it's time to freshen up the jumps when the snow is done flying. I love our park crew!


Esteban Mateo said...

I wanted to try it today, but the thigh deep snow made me think otherwise.