Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Painted pics update...that's already out dated?

So I took a few days off and next thing I hear is man they changed the C and they added this and that askfdakjsd. I can't keep up. Here's what painted horse was like last Saturday. I'll give you another update after tomorrow or when I'm working on Friday.
My buddy Eric holding my hand and pointing out how bad I am at nose pressing...

C-box is back in after the hips, we added a straight box after the C on Sunday but I hear it may be a C-down again? I'll confirm tomorrow...
Who likes stories?-So Friday night we're dead tired from pulling boxes for the slug contest on Saturday. Steve cracks the whip and next thing I know Jerry and I are digging out this flat rail and putting it in, good thing bc this girl was getting RADICAL on it the next day!
cool. -Tim

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