Friday, February 13, 2009

More Painted Horse Pics and Updates!

Sun was out for a bit this morning and I ran into my friends E-long and Parker as we were finishing up our morning raking, making the park all perfect and what not. "Hey you fella's wanna take some pics for the blog?" I said. "Dude I'll blast off that hip if you want, just see what happens" said Parker. I knew the rails and boxes were about to get some serious slide-age. I also expected Parker to blast off the hip and catch about 3 ft of tranny after he goes way to huge. Something we call camera courage. E long is in the blue coat and Parker is in white. I'm in all black bc we're ninja's in the park. Park ninjas.
Well I'll stop rambling and upload these pics now. Enjoy!

Parker Front side through the roller coaster.
E long 180 switch nose press on the dance floor
Parker front side through the kink box
Eric switch nose press on the flat box.

Parker BOOSTING the hip. Proving me wrong yet again and catching about 2 ft of tranny.
Parker and I practicing hand plants
Get creative.

Tombstone session, now located on the right side of the run after the hips.
6 in down bar, great for learning new tricks before you take it to Respect.

C to Down, still so fun!

This is a group of kids that rolled up right as we were finishing our morning rake. These kids are rad and wouldn't leave until we finished raking the C to down. It's who we build the park for and we're pumped to see kids up super early who are STOKED.
Tomorrow is a Powder day, and a Saturday. Which means we'll be shoveling out features all day and raking for those die hard park riders. Oh ya almost forgot, while I was patrolling painted horse and taking photos with my friends the rest of the crew was in respect putting in a triple kink. Aye-Ca-Rumba. Hope to see you soon! -Tim


Anonymous said...

so sick! canyons parks are so much fun and flow so well! keep on killing it park crew.

Anonymous said...

OH my Tim is sickkkkk!
The name of the "little park" may be decieving.There are some money bangers to be thrown down. It's packed full of BIG fun!!!
keep killing it CTP Crew!!!

Anonymous said...

keep the pics coming