Friday, December 26, 2008

World Snowboard Day

We held a random jam to celebrate World snowboard day. A random jam is a super fun mini session where we hook riders up with free product for throwing down sweet tricks. We figured there is no a better way to celebrate snowboarding than hooking dudes for learning new tricks. We started the session off with some basic tricks and it progressed from there. For this being our first random jam of the season, I have to say riders are stepping it up. There were several shredders trying tricks they have never heard of and sticking it second or third try. Killing it!
I want to thank our friends at Pow Gloves. They gave us awesome prizes to stoke out shredders.  Check it out. These guys won high 5 gloves, a Pow sweat shirt and the warmest winter Pow gloves ever. Thanks Pow for spreading the love and keeping us warm.  
Keep shredding hard and look out for the next Random Jam.
Park Crew

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Turnrain2powder said...

So Sick! Getting free stuff in a non contest format, open to anyone. Yup sign me up!