Saturday, December 6, 2008

Opening Day!

We're up and rolling! 4 features can be found at the bottom of what will become our progression park. A flat box into a C box followed by a LEGIT city style down rail and one of our signature picnic tables can all be found at the canyons as we speak. Check the pics! Space is limited so bare with us until mother nature decides to cooperate. Soon as we can get some more runs open more features will be set in. Big thanks to Lou and the boys on the snowmaking staff for their continued efforts. So come on by and hand out some high 5's!

P.S. Andy Marston is back in the cat, our head park groomer with over 6 years of park grooming experience.







kalls_n_joel said...

Sick! There's absolutely no snow and you guys still have boxes out on opening day. That's why I keep getting a pass at The Canyons. Nice job crew!

hennievj said...

hey all, here is a quick video I took with Giray. hope it works!

utahfreeskier said...

Hey guys, everything you have set up is way sick, but I want some more of it. Last Year it took a while for things to get rolling... I know you are probably already trying hard to get more features and stuff, and thats cool and everything, but honestly Park City has so much stuff set up already... I'm not trying to compare against you, but it's really kind of a joke. We need more stuff set up!

Anonymous said...

Hey ya I definitely agree with Freeskier.... This is a Joke we have like 12 features set up and park city has 3 complete parks set up... not to mention there I think it's 13 or 14 jumps.... We have got one jump. By the way the jump we have right now is no good. You definitely need a lot more speed than what is given. I came here from park city expecting actually better but by the looks of it..... ya you know what's up. Well hopefully you guys will prove me wrong!