Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update: New Features

Alright y'all. Here's the latest update on our park situation. Snow is lacking but we're doing our best to keep it fresh. Although the base isn't half of what we'd like we're still going to try and get even more features up for you weekend warriors. Soon as we get some more lifts open the snow making is back in the park and we'll have some jumps built. As for now check the pics if you wanna scope the current set up. We're going to do our best to update this blog within a day of setting up any new features so everyone will know what to expect. Sound good?

View from the drop in:

Steve Duke testing the new goods:

Park Crew getting the down rail dialed:

"Banana Box":

I heard rumors of some natural stuff that's pretty fun to jump off, Jerry kickin it old school:

1 comment:

xmaneotisn said...

Hey, the painted horse features are cool, but when are we going to see some bigger hits? I loved the big kickers and boxes of old. Please hook it up? Please and Thank You!