Sunday, February 10, 2008

Upper and Lower Respect!

Anyone seen my parachute? You may need it when you check out the new jump line in lower respect. Im talking 3 monsters that'll give you some serious hang time. Freshly made landings Sat feb 9th, huge props to our park cat drivers Andy and Dougy! Upper respect has had some changes as well, the kink box is now a flat up flat, new one of a kind skate style quarter pipe with plastic carpet and a 2 foot extension? What will they think of next!? Give us some feed back! Can you dig it?


Anonymous said...

so how big are the tables. i know they are big but im curious about some leaght measurements.

Anonymous said...

next should be a step up. i giant legit step up

Anonymous said...

dude i love the 1/4 pipe and the 2 jums below it there awsome