Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random Jam?

Here's how it went down,
Early october, stoked for the snow that had fallen and the promise of an early start to another epic utah winter. (of course november would be filled with 70deg temps but thats another story) I had just received a box from my friends at 32 boots with some fresh new t-shirts, stickers and a couple beanies, gee whiz new snow and new gear does life get any better? My mood was soon brought down by being called into work at the mall of all places. So I'm sitting there bored out of my mind when I had a thought... What if we started hooking kids up with free stuff just for riding our park? After all a couple new shirts made my day, share the love right? I rang up Steve and started throwing out ideas about a best trick monthly contest free for anyone or something along those lines. Anything to encourage kids to learn new tricks, maybe hike a feature and make some new friends? Film edit snowboard have fun free stuff was all coming out in jibberish im sure. Luckily he wrote it all down.

Well here's what it turned into. Text "on parkcrew" to 1-435-901-9011 to sign up for park updates, events and our random jam sessions! No we're not charging you 2 dollars per text just your normal fee from your wireless provider.

Fast forward to sat morning Feb 9th. "Tim we're doing a random jam today" says Steve "......"-Tim. I had my headphones in trying to avoid any additional work tasks while getting ready in our office. Noon rolls around and there's Steve on top of the painted horse progression park. Back pack full of stuff, Im of course totally in the dark. "Lets do this" says Steve. "... I just raked? The jumps are perfect to every box!" I said. He did some explaining so I started yelling at kids "who wants free stuff!?" This proved to be quite effective when partnered with the text that was sent out 10 mins earlier.

We decided to session the up to flat box set up. Easy hike zone, great for learning new tricks. Highlights include everything from a girl busting her first 50/50 to boardslide for a canyons t-shirt to a styled out switch nosepress for a pair of skull candy headphones.

You sign up, get a text, meet the park crew at the spot, we start rattling off tricks to try, get free stuff! Sound good? Check the pics. Sorry I didn't get names and only a few pics this was a trial, what did you guys think? We're all in this together shoot off some ideas. Post up if you were a winner!
I heard a rumor of maybe another one next weekend...
P.S. Big props to Skull Candy, 32 boots, Kab rails, The Canyons for letting us try this out and everyone who pushed themselves to try new tricks!

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ppparkrrr said...

I'm mad i missed that shizzz...
I hope there is more to come...