Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Painted Horse is Back!!!

Hey guys,
After two days of building your park, we are ready to let you at it! There are currently 14 new features including an uber fun jump line up. The Jumps start with three tables that measure 15', 20', to 25' and ending with a 30' step down. Spiced at the beginning of the park there is an assortment of boxes to help you learn all the tricks in the book. After the jump line up you'll head into a wonderland of jib choices and rail slides. Have fun and be safe!!!!
PS. Lower respect is about ready to blow up! We are headed there next.


parkbully said...
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Brianbluebandana said...

Painted Horse is Sick.
Everybody in the Crew did a killer job.

Everything is Super Buttery.
Went riding today and the cats were hard at work setting up Upper and Lower Respect.
Just a matter of time.
Stop using energy bashing the park crew and use that energy to learn how to spin and hit the features.
The people talking shiz probably cant even clear the tranisitions on the jumps.

Think about it the park crew rides the park everyday dont you think they want a sick park to ride in!!!
I see them ride everyday and the know whats going on.

BskiP said...

I went through everything i ever posted, and the only thing i ever said was that last years park was a huge improvement over the year before. i think that you would probably agree with me. The jibs in there were money compared to the year before, and the jumps on lower respect were awesome. The only things that i have said about the crew were nothing but props. I have nothin but respect for you guys. I have ridden with a whole bunch of you, and know you guys can kill it. I never said the parks of old were crap, because they werent, the new ones are just better. if that offends you, it shouldnt. I didnt disrespect anybody. BskiP

BskiP said...

for the record, i was not bashin the crew. if i did accidentally then im sorry.

Colonel RedBeard said...

has the 17 stair gone up yet? if so where? I want to hit that thing the anticipation is killin me. good work on the parks they're bad ass right now