Saturday, January 5, 2008

New features.

Hey Guys,
Andy and I put in 6 features tonight in upper respect. Andy kills it! We are currently working on building the middle jump line in upper as well so you can expect to have it back soon.
Also Lew and his team received the green light to blow snow for painted's jumps. With the right temps we should have that park up and going. Thanks Lew!!
Be safe and have fun!!


BskiP said...


BskiP said...

any idea when the cats comin out to set up lower respect? the giant piles have been makin me too excited haha.

Travis said...

Hey steve,
Any idea when the jumps on painted horse will be shaped? I loved those 3 jumps last year, good size for learning stuff. Is the set up going to be similar this year?