Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Upper Respect

Hey Shredders,
We are currently blowing snow in the upper and lower respect Terrain Parks. If all goes well we should have new features set up and ready to jib by the weekend. We will also be picking the winner of this month's "Design the picnic table setup page” at the end of the week. You have in sent some great ideas and I can't wait to start building. Keep the designs coming!
Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the opening of the respect park. Until then be safe and see you on the hill!



Colonel RedBeard said...

this had nothin to do with this post but i didn't know where to post it. I think that we need a snowboard photographer. because obviously whoever takes most the pics now is a skier because about 90% of the pics on the site are of skiers. Hah

Get your shred on.
-redbeard out

BskiP said...

hey thanks for lettin us hit that picnic table set up today. i was the first skier to come around with the oakley camo and rasta beanie. if you ever need help with anything just let us know! b

timsemple said...

the picnic table gap today was just a taste of things to come...

BskiP said...

excellent. as long as im ok to hit it im stoked.

abc said...
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abc said...

Hello Steve, me being an outsider of the state I know you won't mind me critisizing your park. But steve you need to wake up, PC has who knows how many features set up as well as numerous jumps. And when I was at The Canyons I saw that you had some gay dip box and an extreme kink. There is also a jump that is way to big. I don't like how you have to bomb it all the way from the gay dip box and you can still barely make the jump. Maybe you should take some advice from the PC park manager he seems to be doing a very good job over there. Amen

Thanks Steve

The Canyons Ski Resort said...

I know how to build parks. I've been doing it for years. I don't know if you remember but we barely had any snow here at the canyons until mid Dec. Something you may not know is, our snow making system is severely outdated and under sized. We're currently working on rebuilding our snow making system but until then it puts us at a disadvantage compared to PC's push button snow making system.
What we have in upper respect isn't perfect and is changing. I was just trying to get a jump up as fast as possible with the snow making upper management allowed me to have. We're getting the natural snow we need now that we normally have at the end of Nov early Dec and are currently working on rebuilding Respect and painted parks. I'm sorry you’re not stoked but I'm doing the best I can with what I'm given to work with here at the canyons.

BskiP said...

the volcano is awesome. and the kink throws you at first, but its rideable if you just commit to the kink. and when the jump was there, you had perfect amount of speed to hit it straight off of the rail in front of it. it was a super smooth flow for this early in the season. and the jump was not way too big. too small for upper or lower respect if anything.

The Canyons Ski Resort said...

Thanks for your support. It goes to show there are always two sides to the spectrum.