Saturday, March 29, 2008


I love this feature. Hearing a successful gong puts a smile on my face. The idea for this feature came about during a digger rap session early this year. Eric Hanson said "lets build a feature where we can bonk a bell or gong or something." He is a genius. While searching for a bell we found a guy selling gongs on the web who was pretty funny.We call him and when he returned our call left a message signing the entire time. When we heard the message we figured this guy would love to have his gong bonked so we bought the gong instead of a bell. You got to love hippys. I wonder what he would think if he saw us using his gong this way?

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Anonymous said...

omg the gong is the best!!! steve mad props. looks like all that time in the hut makes for some creative diggers:q


oh and you should leave the park up or at least the jumps because it would be really nice even though tiring to have something to session for the month or two after the resorts close and there is still snow