Friday, March 28, 2008

Dj Hut

Hey Shredders,
I was playing on the computer surfing the web and found this photo of Ezra. The second I saw it my thoughts went back to the day when it all took place. We had setup this hit over the DJ hut for the Nike 0.6 photo shoot and before I had a chance to tear it down the crew came up with an idea. "Lets use the hit to put a box on the DJ hut." I gave them the go ahead, half thinking that there is no way they will be able the lift it up on top of the DJ hut, let alone make a jump and fix the landing. I figured they'll just give up after a couple of tries and that's the last I'll hear about boxes on the DJ hut. I had to go to a meeting and when I came back this is what I saw. Not only did they get it up there but were already hitting the box. And it was sick! Thats why I love the digger crew at The Canyons they come up with great ideas and make them happen!
Thanks guys you kill it.


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canyons rule and so do their parks and big mountain!!!! rock on canyons crew!!!!!

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that is awesome!!! canyons park crew rock on!!! ride canyons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!