Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grete Elliasen hits 31 feet out of hip jump!

April 9, 2010- Despite unprecedented spring snow storms, including 22 inches of snow on jump day, The Canyon’s park crew shoveled, cut and shaped more than 45 thousand yards of snow to create the largest snow terrain park feature ever built in Utah. Why you ask? So Grete Eliassen, an accomplished free skier, could achieve a monumental personal goal and truly change the game in women’s skiing. Yesterday, Eliassen clicked into her skis, reached speeds of 60 miles an hour downhill, hit the custom 30 foot “hip” feature and soared more than 31 feet in the air. No woman has ever come close to reaching this height on skis.

“There is no other experience in the world that feels even close to what I feel when I am jumping. Having such a large feature built just for me was a super humbling experience. With my whole crew, family and friends watching it was really an incredible day. It is a moment in my life I will remember forever,” said Eliassen.

In addition to actively progressing the sport, Eliassen is working on a film project. The ski movie, Say My Name, a two-year venture embarked on with longtime ski/snowboard photographer Stan Evans, is slated for release in Fall 2010. Look forward to catching Grete and crew skiing all the best spots on the planet.

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